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The Most User-Friendly Trainer Portal in the Education Industry

Here at VETtrak, we are dedicated to providing trainers with the most seamless, hassle-free software experience possible. 

The Trainer Portal is a dynamic feature of VETtrak that provides trainers with a seamless software experience for managing students and course content. Trainers can access and update student and training information, attendance, results, tasks and events in VETtrak, simply through a web browser.

Through the VETtrak Trainer Portal, trainers can:

  • View details of clients, events and classes with which they are associated
  • Record attendance
  • Record unit results
  • Record task statuses
  • Upload and download files and documents
  • Communicate with students via SMS or email
  • View and edit student details
  • View, add and edit events
  • Record student and trainer signatures to verify attendance FileTrak

Easy to Use on Any Device

The Trainer Portal is designed for easy use on any device, whether on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance functionality in VETtrak allows administration staff to perform checks on data that has been entered into the Trainer Portal.  The trainer then has the opportunity to correct the data and re-submit it again.

You can elect to use this process for adding, editing and/or deleting attendance, client data, events, task resulting and unit resulting.

This feature is optional for VETtrak users, and can be implemented at no additional cost.

System Requirements

Self-hosting the VETtrak Student Portal will require that you have access to a web server located on the same local network as your VETtrak database, with Windows Server 2008 or later and IIS 7 or later and a technically capable person to manage the portal’s installation and on-going maintenance.

We recommend 2 cores and a minimum of 2GB of RAM to be available to IIS and disk space of 50MB.  These requirements depend on the number of concurrent users accessing the portals and you may need to adjust these to suit your performance requirements.

Hosted users are VETtrak customers who have chosen to purchase our VETtrak Hosting package.

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Try the Trainer Portal today: click the link and log in using the below username and password to see how the portal can help your trainers.

Username: timmy

Password: timmy1

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