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Communicate efficiently with your students using the VETtrak Student Portal, a user-friendly gateway for students to access information in VETtrak about their training via a web browser.

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VETtrak Student Portal

The Student Portal has been designed to seamlessly match the device being logged in on, whether it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone. Mobile and tablet users will have access to some special features including tappable phone numbers for instant dialling and Google Maps integration to help students find their way to training locations.

Through the VETtrak Student Portal students can:

  • Enter their USI
  • View current or future enrolments
  • View their schedule, including classes and events
  • See their training progress for units and tasks
  • Upload files and documents against their units and tasks
  • See their awarded qualifications
  • See a log of all emails and SMS messages that have been sent to them from VETtrak

Customised to Suit Your RTO

The Student Portal comes with two free themes, or it can be customised to match your organisation’s brand, featuring your logos and colours.

System Requirements

Self-hosting the VETtrak Student Portal will require that you have access to a web server located on the same local network as your VETtrak database, with Windows Server 2008 or later and IIS 7 or later and a technically capable person to manage the portal’s installation and on-going maintenance.

We recommend 2 cores and a minimum of 2GB of RAM to be available to IIS and disk space of 50MB.  These requirements depend on the number of concurrent users accessing the portals and you may need to adjust these to suit your performance requirements.

Hosted users are VETtrak customers who have chosen to purchase our VETtrak Hosting package.

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Want to try out the VETtrak Student Portal? Log in using the below username and password:

Username: sally

Password: sally1

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