About VETtrak

VETtrak Exists to Empower VET Students, RTO Staff and Education Organisations

VETtrak has played a significant part in the VET journey over the last 19 years. Many of our 1422 customers have been trusting our software and services to power their student management and compliance requirements from the very beginning.

Our mission is simple: to give our customers and their students a complete education ecosystem that provides end-to-end compliance, automation, agility, intelligence and a user experience that goes beyond the screen.

As the heart of the education technology ecosystem, VETtrak has extended its capabilities across all sectors of education. Cloud mobility, forecasting, advanced reporting, additional system integrations, custom developments, online training, cross-institutional compliance and data analytics are just some our best features that continue to improve our business.

All our efforts are supported by our dedicated customer service team who are always on standby to provide expert guidance and assistance.


1,450+ Customers


40+ Staff Over 2 Locations


Over 20 Years Experience

Robust Infrastructure

We are experts at implementing customised IT systems for RTOs. We will eliminate the complexity of designing and installing your own IT infrastructure with our cloud hosting option.

Strategic Partnerships

VETtrak has formed strong partnerships with companies such as Ezidebit, Upstream Document Storage and GO1 LMS.

Learning Management Systems

Our student management system has built-in features to support communications between students, trainers and your RTO. Our student and trainer portals act as a learning management system. Contact us today to find out more about these features.

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