USI Audit: 2017 Is the Year For Managing Your USIs

Over the last few days, you may have received an email from ASQA detailing your 2015 AVETMISS uploads and USI information.

ASQA is working to ensure that those who should have a USI acquire one, and to ensure that USI is entered and included in your TVA reporting every year.

If you received an email from ASQA, it will just be letting you know that your 2015 data suggests you were missing information that will be mandatory for 2017 reporting needs.

This is a new audit instigated by ASQA that you will need to include next year’s data uploads. In the meantime, there is no need to update your 2015 details if you are being asked for this information.

You may think that’s quite a while away, but there are many reasons why now is a good time to familiarise yourself with the USI check reports within VETtrak.

VETtrak is well equipped to help you check your entered USI information, including offering the following standard reports:

  • Invalid USI report, which shows people who are missing a USI or are unverified
  • USI Status Data Check report, which shows a table of students with red boxes denoting missing and essential USI information.

USI Requirements in the VETtrak system

There is a chance that you may not have turned off the option in the Organisation Wizard that relaxes your USI requirements. This is an easy thing to overlook.

The option to ensure organisations are exempt from all USI requirements is not turned on by default. At some point, this would have been manually enabled, and disabling them will restore USI checks at appropriate areas within VETtrak.

If you are concerned this option may be turned on, or are unsure where to find it, please contact VETtrak support and we’d be happy to help you out.

Need Extra Help? 

The VETtrak help centre has a range of USI related articles to help you troubleshoot issues with USI, or even get your VETtrak configured to start processing USI details. Some key articles include:

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USI Error Codes

If you need help determining how to retrieve a Device AUSkey, we have a news article outlining how to do that.