Sending SMS Messages via VETtrak

VETtrak users are spoilt for choice with a number of native communication tools to reach out to important contacts including email, in-portal direct communications, and SMS.

While email is typical, there are many scenarios which sending SMS via VETtrak is preferred for its immediacy, ubiquity, and attention-grabbing attributes. Whether it’s reaching clients, staff members, or employees to notify of changes in training time/location, trainer illness, seeking confirmation of contact details/enrolments, or to warn of attendance concerns, the possibilities of SMS are endless. 

When paired with other VETtrak functionality, SMS becomes even more powerful. A VETtrak user may wish to use SMS in conjunction with Triggers and Actions to notify of waitlist progression, new training opportunities, assessment due dates, or as a reminder of payment obligations. 

Who can be sent SMS:

  • Clients
  • Staff members
    • associated/linked to an Occurrence
    • All Staff
  • Employment-related
    • Employees
    • Employer contacts
    • Organisation employees

What’s possible with SMS:

Interested in obtaining SMS credits for your RTO? Speak to your Client Success Manager, email or call 1800 838 872.