June 2019 VETengage Recap

We’ve just finished our third VETengage national roadshow in which we toured Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, finishing with an online webinar

Running the VETengage events gives us the opportunity to connect with clients to create a platform for knowledge exchange to improve the value attendees get from VETtrak. It also allows us to share what’s new and next in products/services, and showcase our ecosystem of solutions from our integration and ReadyTech partners.

We are delighted to see attendance grow by nearly 10% from our previous events, suggesting that more of you are seeing value in joining us, meeting the team, understanding the product better, and gaining insight into how we can support processes and efficiency in your RTO.

What’s new and what’s next at VETtrak

Rather than just telling you about the latest time-saving efficiency measures in VETtrak, we walked the talk with a live demonstration from Head of Solutions Paul Vandenberg. In this demo, Paul showcased recent features like VETenrol’s Rapid Enrol to expedite short course enrolment, the Client Importer to reduce the handling on enrolling a cohort, QR Code Attendance Recording to automatically mark attendance, and how these can combine with functionality from Triggers and Actions to streamline your enrolment process.  

For many, this could be further refined with LLN provider and integration partner BKSB who outlined how their functionality can support the enrolment process.

VETtrak services

VETtrak Academy

While our product is your go-to for managing your data, ensuring the quality of the data being entered, and the efficiency in which it’s used can benefit from external support services. 

For those that are either new to VETtrak, or those that wish to improve the value they get from the system, we’ve launched VETtrak Academy. This classroom training solution is designed to provide practical hands-on training to orientate new users to the system and to optimise use for more advanced users.


For those users who need on-demand, pay-as-you-go support, we’ve launched VETtrak-as-a-Service (VaaS). VaaS provides as-you-need-it expertise to support administration, claiming and compliance for VETtrak users. These managed services provide relief at times of high volume, improve currency of compliance knowledge with our users, and provides a VETrak expert to work through your processes to reinforce best practices. 

Changes in education

We were fortunate to be joined by special guest speakers at each event. We consciously sought to connect attendees to what’s new and what’s next from VETtrak, but also ground their efforts in the context of changes within education, and connect these efforts with concrete examples of how skills impact real people. 

Real world skills champions – WorldSkills

To cement the real world outcomes from skills-based training, we were joined by guest speakers from WorldSkills. These guest speakers included Partnerships and Brand Manager Alex Haughton who introduced and shared alumni from their program including former Kangan CEO, and world-class competitors in Cabinet Making, Carpentry and more. These speakers underscored the role quality education makes not only in the lives of the students but how it can act as a springboard towards boosting an RTO’s brand in-market. 

Industry Experts

At VETtrak, we’re always looking to the future. For VETengage we hosted thought leaders to discuss aspects of the education landscape impacting RTOs and students in 2019 and beyond.

We discussed the importance of data quality for state contracts with Peter ‘Chook’ Henson (DTWD), the importance of Private RTOs with Troy Williams (ITECA), the emergence of micro-credentials with Allyn Radford (Transforming Credentials), how young people navigate this changing environment post-HSC with Saxon Phipps (Year13), and Toby Jones from LearningVault shared how RTOs can transition from being paper-based to embracing digital.

Towards Client-centricity

Events like VETengage allow us to better understand the challenges, informational needs, and opportunities that exist to better support our clients.

For those that were unable to attend, we encourage you to watch the VETengage webinar, and if you’re interested in influencing our product direction, reach out to sales@vettrak.com.au to put yourself forward for inclusion in our client insights panels. 

Would you like to know more about the products/services or our partners? Call 1800 838 872 or speak to your Client Success Manager.