Device AUSkeys: Why You Need One & How to Get One 

The last day of NCVER reporting for 2016 has been and gone!

We’d like to extend our congratulations to all RTOs who uploaded their NAT files to NCVER on time. We know AVETMISS compliance reporting is one of the most stressful times of the year. For the VETtrak support team, it’s certainly one of the busiest. Thank you to all the VETtrak users for your patience as our support team worked through your calls.

While reporting, you probably came across some errors. Hopefully, the VETtrak error validation tool came to your aid and you managed to iron out your data’s kinks. While reporting, you may have come across this error:

“Business User Credential expired on [XX/XX/2017 X:28:59 AM]. Event Code: [E2015]”

This error communicates that your Device AUSkey has expired.

Device AUSkeys are designed to expire after two years and are issued from the Australian Business Register website. An AUSkey allows a business to securely log into government services including those from the ATO, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Austrade and the Australian Business Register (ABR).

You will need a Device AUSkey for compliance reporting to access Unique Student Identifiers (USIs) through the ABR. USIs are the ten-character alphanumeric codes unique to students and kept for life. They’re used for all accredited training within Australia.

You can perform a number of USI-related tasks through VETtrak. It can:

  • Verify a person’s existing USI through VETtrak
  • Create a new USI for a new student
  • Locate a student’s pre-existing but unknown USI.

VETtrak integrates directly with the USI web services allowing you to verify USIs individually or in bulk. It also allows for the submission of USI applications on behalf of your students, individually or in batches.

However, none of these tasks are possible without a valid Device AUSkey.

To register for a Device AUSkey, you can follow this helpful guide from the VETtrak Help Centre.

Device AUSkey vs User AUSkey

You will notice we use the term “Device AUSkey”.

It’s common for RTO administrators to choose the wrong one. A Device AUSkey identifies a business rather than a person. Within VETtrak, it serves to identify your organisation to the USI Web Services when attempting to use certain features including verifying or creating new USIs.

Choosing the right type of AUSkey is important: “Administrator” and “Standard” AUSkeys have different permissions to Device AUSkeys. VETtrak is considered a “device” by the ABR, meaning only the Device AUSkey option will work.

If you are a hosted customer, the Device AUSkey can be hosted by us in a central location for all your VETtrak users to verify and create USIs. This is a safe and secure option for managing your AUSkey. Simply attach and email your Device AUSkey to our support team so we can set it up for you.

Questions? Concerns? We understand reporting is tricky territory. Email the support team at anytime for help and advice.