VETtrak-as-a-Service – Launching Admin, Claiming, Compliance services

Thank you to everyone that attended our launch events in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. and to those who expressed interest in joining our future VETtrak-as-a-Service events.

Many of you showed you shared frustration with the negative skew of coverage regarding our industry. We really appreciated the opportunity to collectively reset the VET discussion around our industry’s place in fostering opportunity, nurturing hope and empowering aspiration. We share with you a belief in the transformative power of education in the lives of young people, those re-entering the workforce after children or injury, or even moving into second or third careers.

To this end, we further extend our call for all of you to forward us positive news about VET that you believe deserves to be in the spotlight. Whether it’s in your RTO, in your staff’s extracurricular activities, or just happening in VET – we want to shout about it!

We think you’ll agree that in fostering this positive vision of VET, details matter. Dotting i’s and crossing t’s isn’t an obstacle to quality education, it’s a building block, it’s a framework to help you deliver quality education and an exceptional student experience.

We believe this because we’ve seen it, in the news articles we shared at the event (on the employment outcomes of VET, overcoming disability, or empowering Aboriginal leaders of tomorrow), in feedback from our own clients and from the industry at large. We also understand that this is one of the biggest challenges facing RTOs, and it may be where you’re having to focus most of your time and energy, rather than focussing on where the growth areas are in your business.


We’re taking measures to restore the balance here. From sharing positive news stories, and by listening to your feedback.

From this, it’s clear many of you would welcome additional support to maintain compliance, currency, and to manage peaks in your workloads. It’s with this in mind that we designed VETtrak-as-a-Service.

VETtrak-as-a-Service launches with three core offerings: admin, claiming and compliance. All three services share a focus on being pay-as-you-go, on-demand expertise, that enables access to current domain expertise while reducing risk within your business.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist your internal team with our VETtrak-as-a-Service offering please download a brochure or contact the team direct at