Highlights from VETtrak 19.1.1

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VETtrak main product release notes. Web products – If you are using the Trainer Portal, Student Portal, VTDocs Portal or Progress Portal, you must also update them to the version for VETtrak 19.1.1.

Unattended importer

Simplify the data flow between your technologies. After initial setup, the unattended importer enables scheduled coordination between exports from other software and imports into VETtrak.

If your data can be exported to an accessible location, and mapped to our importer template, we can import your data regardless of the software. With this feature enabled, you can, for example connect exports from your HR/Finance/CRM to import changes in client names, addresses, new additions or new staff.

Connect your data sources and empower better informed decision-making.

Capabilities Analysis Tool

Ensure your team is skilled and ready for the road ahead.

Analyse your organisation’s collective capabilities, any identified gaps, and assess a particular individual’s suitability to a position’s requirements.

This tool enables custom analysis of both your collective organisational staff, and individuals, on a unit, qualification, task, credential or skill basis.

Quickly perform:

  • Gaps analysis. Identify gaps in a client’s capabilities to meet position requirements
  • Needs analysis. Identify training requirements and expiring capabilities.

The pivot-grid style interface allows for custom analysis with the ability to save the layout for future use. Learn more about the Capabilities addon here.

Invoice and Payment Triggers

Streamline your invoice and payment processes. Create custom workflows using the if-this-then-that logic of Triggers and Actions.

With this update when invoices or payments are added or edited they can trigger: Run Report, Send Email, or Show Alert Message.

If your RTO manages online enrolments that necessitate payment this update streamlines your process. With payment triggers, once the receipt or invoice is created an email can be triggered to send a copy to the enrolling student.

Unsure how to use Triggers and Actions? Learn more here.

Duplicate occurrence recurrence

Reduce your workload. Stop manually creating a new occurrence each and every time. This feature enables users to use an existing occurrence as a template to duplicate and amend for reuse.

Do you have the same occurrence daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? Simply click “add recurring” dictate the schedule and amend or copy particulars as necessary. Need more? Click the add button to your heart’s content. Learn more here.

VETenrol, Student & Trainer Portal overview

Rapid Enrol

Want to increase the speed of your high volume, low margin enrolments?

The Rapid Enrol feature is designed to reduce the friction between a student showing interest in your course, and taking action. This radically stripped-down enrolment process captures the minimum information needed prior to enabling the student to select and pay for their course.

This functionality reduces the admin burden, and the quantity AVETMISS data requirements needed within an enrolment. This stripped-back enrolment approach is perfect for short courses such as RSA, First Aid, Barista and others where self-serve enrolment is preferred. If you do need further information from the student, our 2-step enrolment process allows you to follow-up post-payment for any outstanding enrolment requirements.

Watch the webinar or read more about configuration here.

Improved Payment Flexibility

Experience more versatility in your pricing options for credit card payments in VETenrol. Want to pass on the cost of credit card fees, or offer tiered discounts – now you can.

Our newly added volume break capability enables you to specify the number of attendees within a specific pricing tier. Couple this with our new add a discount or add surcharge functionality at the time of payment to reward enrollees or recoup costs.

Still have questions or want to discuss your update with support? Contact us on 1800 VETtrak or via support@vettrak.com.au.