VETengage Roundup – 6 cities in 2 weeks

Why VETengage?

Following our customer satisfaction survey last year it became clear that you, our customers, wanted to engage with us more, to get clearer insight into our product roadmap, meet the people behind the product, and to interact with your peers. And so VETengage was born.

In 2018, we launched VETengage as our national touring VETtrak roadshow. We ran events in May/June, and then again in November/December visiting each Australian state.

In November, we were particularly excited to follow through on our commitment and even visit our originating state – Tasmania – for the first time. 

If our first events were about a customer-centric refresh in which we launched our VETtrak community, committed to listening more, and detailed our training solutions, then these events were about “efficiency” and “partnership”. We’ve taken steps to work with integration partners and service providers to help support your needs when they extend beyond VETrak’s own strengths – be it in payment processing, learning management systems, apprenticeship log books or any other needs identified as complimenting our own product suite.

Reflections on VETengage

Reflecting on the events Head of Software Paul Vandenberg noted that despite the regional differences, by-in-large attendees are facing the same challenges. They’re battling efficiency and compliance challenges, many of which correlated with the findings in our Voice of VET survey. This sense of community at VETengage was best exemplified by the heads nodding along to the group panel discussions as they identified efficiency challenges they had faced and overcome.

To build on these themes of listening and partnership, attendees in Sydney and Melbourne were invited to be part of a research project focusing on their admissions/enrolments process. This initiative from Head of Product and Technology Alison Ritchie is another sign of our renewed focus on better understanding your needs, and how we can improve your day-to-day experience outside of VETenrol

With this being our 20th year our newly minted Partner and Client Experience Manager Nick Bishop want to say a special thank you to our partners and all our customers. In particular, he’d like to thank Adelaide Training and Employment Centre who were our very first customer and who have been with us on our amazing journey in the VET sector.

We hope you were all able to walk away with an efficiency measure you can embrace in your own RTO.

Weren’t able to make it? Check out the photos on our LinkedIn, the webinar here, and speaker notes here.