VETengage Melbourne (28/05/2018)

Collaboration is Key

Yesterday, VETengage Melbourne took place – and what a day it was! Over 40 VETtrak passionate customers attended our beautiful social area at The Cluster, participating in presentations from some key members of the VETtrak business. These included:

  • A great introduction by Trevor Fairweather, General Manager of VETtrak, talking about our renewed vision for VETtrak and how we’re re-connecting with clients to drive improvements in our products & services
  • Paul Vandenberg – Head of Software, Showcasing recent VETtrak improvements as well as getting input from our clients on our future product roadmap
  • Anna Frisch – Head of Solutions and Education, shared some great input for maintaining compliance within VETtrak by using existing features that are easily missed.
  • Ash Wayling – Senior Member of the Support Team, Introducing the new VETtrak Community support option; as well as a number of Customer Centre improvements.

Here’s just a sample of the comments from the event:

“I found the conference very informative and I am looking forward to seeing the exciting initiatives for future enhancement of VETtrak”

“I would like to thank the VETtrak Team for the wealth of information at this mornings VETengage conference.”

“I am particularly excited about this new Community Forum that enables us to bounce ideas of other users of VETtrak”

“Thank you so much for providing such a great event yesterday!!!”

“It was so exciting to see the new direction that Vettrak is heading to make our jobs easier!!

Our team was thrilled and delighted to put on the event in Melbourne. It was great to hear all of the input & feedback towards helping us improve VETtrak as a whole – We look forward to the upcoming events around Australia in coming weeks!

Here’s some photos of the Melbourne event:

It was great to hear all of the feedback towards helping us improve VETtrak as a whole – We look forward to hosting more collaboration events around Australia in coming weeks!

Ready to join the discussion? Get involved in the Community Topic for this event within the VETtrak Community: Click here now!