VET advocacy – Great VET Stories

We’ve talked a lot recently about how we want to advocate for you, and the VET industry more broadly.

We’re continuing to put an emphasis on highlighting our customers’ interests. Your recent feedback in the Customer Satisfaction Survey (90% customer satisfaction), and in support surveys (99% satisfaction) continue to reinforce that we’re mostly getting this right.

We’ve pushed this further afield with the recent Voice of VET. Here we talked to 444 Senior RTO Managers to surface the issues that matter to Australian RTOs.

This focus continues.

  • VETengage.

Our customers are invited to our twice annual product showcase to engage with key staff. This provides a two-way dialogue about the product direction and our customers’ needs.

  • VETtrak Community

To provide our customers with an opportunity to engage not just with us, but also with their peers, the VETtrak community provides an opportunity to ask and answer questions relevant to your own RTO experiences.

  • Client insight panels.

In developing software it can be all to easy to stray into creating new features that while interesting and novel, may not serve customers’ higher priority needs. To avoid this, our product team has dedicated significant resources to embedding themselves in client organisations to learn what they do, where their problems exist, and to seek solutions to streamline and improve our customers’ experiences at large.

  • Client spotlight.

This newsletter feature will aim to bring attention to those in the industry that are making us all proud. No matter the focus, be it on excellence, innovation, diversity, social change, or great outcomes, we’ll aim to surface the very best of us. Do you have something you think should be shared? Drop us a line

  • VETtrak-as-a-Service.

This service offering exists where the above converge. Namely, many clients have expressed a need to access on-demand, pay-as-you-go support to ensure their admin, claiming and compliance is in-line with their own expectations of quality and completeness. This service compliments our software with assistance for RTOs own internal teams when they need a fresh set of eyes, a review of their processes, or just temporary support during demanding periods.

Interested in learning more? VETengage is just around the corner. We’ll be reaching out and inviting you all to attend as we travel across Australia. Watch this space.