Update to the VETtrak Trainer Portal

Following on from the recent enhancements to the Student Portal, we’re happy to announce the release of new enhancements to the VETtrak Trainer Portal, version 2.3. The Trainer Portal allows trainers to access and update student and training information, attendance, results, tasks and events in VETtrak.

The minimum VETtrak version required to support the updates is 4.4.8 or higher.

New Enhancements Webinar

Join us for a webinar training session on Wednesday the 30th of November where our trainers will show you the new features of the portal.  Register here to view the portal.

Read below to view the recently improved areas of the Trainer Portal:

 General Changes

The back-end infrastructure has been updated to VT Core version 2 to improve performance and stability.\


Enhancements to Trainer Portal

  • New interface for recording attendance which supports validation warnings rather than just errors, and supports bulk editing on a per-field basis.
  • Class modal now displays a list of participants for easy navigation.
  • Employer modal now displays a list of employees for easy navigation.
  • Client modal now displays primary and secondary email addresses, and allows both to be edited.
  • Signatures can be recorded when editing events as well as creating them.
  • Signatures can now be recorded against employer events as well as client events.
  • Client modal will also display primary and secondary mobile phone numbers, also allowing these to be edited.
  • Improved security model: trainers can now view any student, and only the items under that student will be restricted, allowing the trainer to have more access to information they need on a daily basis.


We have also included some minor visual tweaks to improve the look of the portal.

If you require any assistance using the VETtrak Trainer Portal, call our support team on 1800 838 872.