Preparing for TCSI – Private RTOs

What is TCSI?

Transforming the Collection of Student Information (TCSI), pronounced ‘taxi’, is a joint interdepartmental project between the Department of Education (DoE) and Department of Human Services (DHS) that aims to create a simpler way for education providers to collect, review, and report information into the departments.

The departments work with both providers and software developers to improve ease of use, reduce duplication, improve data/payment accuracy and better user experience for both students and education providers. 

Is TCSI relevant for me?

If you are a HELP, VSL, or a higher education provider reporting the TESQA PIR collection, TCSI is relevant to you. In fact, any education providers currently reporting data through the HEPCAT system will need to use the new TCSI system.

How will reporting change for RTOS?

TCSI changes how the government receives data relating to VET Student Loans (VSL). 

Prior to TCSI, this data was reported periodically via HEPCAT to the Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS). 

Now rather than manually uploading text files, systems like VETtrak will act as a conduit to pipe your data into the relevant authorities. With this change, the data shared with the departments is more consistent enabling them to share information, rather than each requesting their own overlapping data. 

This update is mandatory for any RTO reporting on VSL.

What will change?

  • RTO’s should ensure they are authorised and registered for the TCSI system. 
  • It will no longer be necessary or possible to generate text-based files containing VSL reportable data.
  • An internet connection during data entry will be needed to submit data to the TCSI system.

What’s not changing?

> Will TCSI affect procedures for HELP estimates, variations or payments?

NOT changing: Estimates and payments processes are not being revised as part of TCSI.

NOT changing: Providers will be able to see all the data they have reported to government at all times.

When is this expected to launch?

At the time of writing, the Department of Education and Training is planning to have a soft launch for the TCSI solution in production by mid-October 2019. Providers will continue to be able to use HEPCAT for all 2019 data. As per the TCSI implementation timeline, all providers must be reporting their data through TCSI by the 31st of May, 2020.

Initial early access for testing is scheduled for October 2019 with a second stage scheduled by year-end, with both completed ahead of this May 2020 deadline. 

What should you be doing?

Providers should obtain credentials via the TCSI system. A guide is available via the HEIMSHelp website (on the transition tab). 

It is recommended that this process is begun as soon as is practical.

What is VETtrak doing?

VETtrak is undertaking a development project to ensure our customers have a seamless transition to TCSI.

Stay abreast of developments and transition to TCSI in our customer centre, and in our forthcoming release notes.