Skills First Reporting Consultations

There are only 20 working days until your Skills First reporting deadline on the 15th January at 5PM!

If you’re based in Victoria, VETtrak has Consultation Services to help assist in the rectification of Errors, Warnings and Rejects.

Do you have Errors, Warnings or Rejects that you don’t know how to address? Our Skills First experienced Solutions Architects are available for consultation over the Christmas/New Years period to help get you walk through a full data review and rectification process.

It’s important to know the difference between ‘for your information only’ rejects versus ‘we’re not going to pay you’ rejects. You may be able to rectify your ‘we’re not going to pay you rejects’ including your reject 21s which indicate a unit start date has been reported for the first time outside of the 60 day allowance.

We are also available to assist with any last minute data entry projects to ensure you breeze through the finish line. To arrange an expert to visit your Victorian RTO, call VETtrak on 1800 838 872, or find out more information below.