O-oh! I lost my VETtrak database and can't find the backup file.

What would you do if you lost your VETtrak database?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for us to hear from our customers who host their own VETtrak database that they don’t have daily database backups and will need to resort to manually re-entering multiple weeks-worth of their student data.

Your VETtrak database file is made up of billions of 1s and 0s stored on either spinning magnetic disks or an SSD flash drive. The data is vulnerable to physical disk failure, corruption, human error and malware attacks. Your best protection is to take frequent backups, store those backups securely, and to regularly test your recovery procedures.

It is an ASQA requirement that all RTOs should have a backup of their Student Management System. Why not take our short data backup quiz to see how your score measures up? If you have an IT team or outsourced/cloud IT provider then please schedule a time with them to go through this quiz and open up the discussion on the protection you want for your data.


Q1. How often do you backup your VETtrak database?

1 – Not sure

2 – It’s not automated. Only when I remember

3 – Automated daily backup

4 – Automated daily backup with consistency checking and error alerting


Q2. What disk do you store your live VETtrak database on?

1 – My database is stored on a single disk

2 – I have my database on a single disk but it is a server-grade disk

3 – I use 2 or more disks using RAID mirroring technology. If one disk fails I am able to replace that disk with no down time

4 – I use 2 or more disks using RAID mirroring technology. If one disk fails I get an automated error alert


Q3. Where do you store your VETtrak database backup?

1 – I don’t have a backup or I store it on the same computer that runs the VETtrak database

2 – I don’t store it on the same computer as the VETtrak database, but it is at the same physical office/location

3 – Backup is stored offsite

4 – Backup is stored offsite in a locked fireproof safe


Q4. How often do you test your VETtrak database recovery procedures?

1 – Never

2 – I have tested the restore but it is not regular

3 – I test the restore procedures at least once per year

4 – I have documented my recovery procedures and test them at least once per year


Q5. When did you last do a health check of your VETtrak database?

1 – Never

2 – In the past 12 months

3 – In the past 1 month

4 – In the past 1 week



Tally up your data integrity score based on the response that best describes you.

Data Integrity score between 5-8: You need to urgently improve the way you backup your VETtrak data or consider moving to the VETtrak hosted system where we can take care of your backups on your behalf.

Data Integrity score between 9-14: Your data has some good protection but has a lot of room to improve. Consider your biggest risk areas first and make appropriate incremental improvements.

Data Integrity score greater than 15: Great job. You have automated backups and can be confident that if disaster strikes you have something to fall back on. Continue to review your backup procedures and make appropriate improvements.

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