Life’s a Beach in VETtrak Traineeship

As a strong advocate for vocational education’s role in preparing us for the future of work, VETtrak always welcomes the opportunity to ‘walk the talk’. It’s this drive that’s motivated a focus on hiring VET-educated trainees into our support team.

VETtrak was delighted to welcome two new staff through a growing traineeship program in Tasmania in June: Bridget Beach and Melanie Guiterrez. They join another trainee hire Jacob Casteller and the bulk of our VETtrak support team in Launceston to initially answer entry-level questions from clients while their product-specific knowledge deepens.

Interview with VETtrak’s Head of Support Nick Jones

We spoke with Head of Support Nick Jones on embracing VET qualifications as an onboarding mechanism for work-ready staff. 

What was the name of the program you used? 

We signed Bridget, Mel, and Jacob up to a traineeship where they will complete a Certificate IV in Information Technology Support.

What attracted you to this program? 

Two of our current senior support officers – Alister Bizjak and Ash Wayling – as well as myself, all completed a Certificate IV in Information Technology Support which allowed all of us to get a foot in the door in the IT industry.

How were they sourced?

We advertised for the position on, we had 80 candidates and interviewed 7.

Why did you choose trainees rather than hiring direct? 

This gives people who may not be in the IT industry the opportunity to start a new career and gain skills they may not have.

Would you use this program again?

Definitely. Moving forward, if we have a need for any new support team members, I would like to put them through a certificate.

Interview with VETtrak Support Trainee Bridget Beach

As this Traineeship program is relatively new at VETtrak, we welcomed feedback from a recent team member and VETtrak Support Trainee Bridget Beach. Her experience highlights the capacity of vocational education to transition skilled workers between adjacent industries. 

What attracted you to this program?

I was needing a change from my old job. My background is mostly in customer service roles. I thought IT support would be a nice change of pace while also keeping a customer focus.

What about this role/VETtrak caught your interest?

My housemate (and now colleague) recommended for me to apply for the role. I had often mentioned that I would like to change my career focus where I could have more of a challenge and upskill in other areas.

How has being at VETtrak differed from your expectations (in a positive way)?

I have in the past had rather negative work environments and was a bit hesitant to move into another corporate world. I have been incredibly surprised at the warmth and support in this workplace. It is a great environment to be in.

How does it compare to learning outside the workplace?

It is my preferred method honestly. It is hard to apply knowledge to practice through study. I find that on the job training provides a more practical way of learning.

Would you recommend the program to others?

Definitely. Anyone would be lucky to work here.

At VETtrak we’re delighted to be able to practice what we preach and invest in local education and local employment. In the end, it only helps us provide the knowledgeable real-time support that RTOs Australia-wide deserve.