Improve Course Completion Rates with A2E and Behavioural Science

A key challenge to improving completion rates in students is determining which students need what kind of help. For online students, it gets harder still. Enter Assess2Educate (A2E), a partnership between Esher House and VETtrak that uses behavioural science to time targeted and impactful interventions suited to the needs of the individual students.

Often by the time a student is at risk of non-completion it’s already too late. What if you could intervene earlier, even at the point of enrolment, and understand what motivates each individual student to complete a course? Now you can. Sure A2E uses a lot of technology – predictive analytics, AI and behavioural science – but all you really need to know is that this has been tested on over 110,000 participants – and it works!

What is it?

The A2E experience starts with a short 3 minute, 12 question survey that can be completed by students on a PC or a smartphone. From these answers, A2E is able to identify the types of interventions and coaching that student needs to stay motivated. Both the results of the survey and the student’s individual “Coaching Guide” are made available to Mentors/Support staff

When should it be used?

There are three key use cases for A2e:

  • During enrolment to screen and inform interview questions
  • During Orientation to identify potential barriers to completion
  • Ongoing to pre-empt issues and inform Student Services screen and inform

Why get A2e?

With 17 years of academic, peer-reviewed research behind it, and 110,000 participants to-date, the A2E model is both robust and trustworthy.

This early warning system helps your RTO detect drop outs before they happen, allowing for effective, targeted interventions that maximise completions and therefore revenue.

Support your students, equip your support team, and increase revenues.

Join us on March 13th to learn more about how A2E can benefit your RTO, and how it integrates with VETtrak. Or call 1800 VETtrak to learn more.