Super Speedy Support

VETtrak’s Support Team have been hard at work updating our Help Centre articles.

This effort has been completed to support the F1 help function in Software Update 17.3x. When in VETtrak, the F1 help function is available to provide extra assistance on specific VETtrak functions and features. Simply press F1 and you will be automatically redirected to a help centre article related to the wizard/window of VETtrak you are in.

New Features of F1 Help

  • No need to login to the Help Centre to access articles or share articles – one-click access
  • Updated and comprehensive information

The new F1 Help function is a faster way to get help. 

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We also advise you to troubleshoot any software concerns in the Help Centre. If you still need further assistance, we then encourage you to contact VETtrak Support on 1800 838 872.

The VETtrak Team appreciates your feedback. If you’d like to see a specific article or can offer feedback on VETtrak’s published articles, email VETtrak Support.

Our Education and Solutions Team also offer a variety of training options for you and your RTO to provide more personalised solutions. Find out more information by visiting our Training page or by sending an email.