Feature February: VETtrak Waiter

It’s Feature February, which means you’ll be able to find out information on VETtrak software features you may never have used or heard of before. The topics throughout February are features included in your VETtrak software subscription and will provide valuable information on how you can automate and streamline work completed within VETtrak.

This week, we’ll be going over the ‘The VETtrak Waiter’ which is an enrolment waiting list function.

There may be times where you are required to keep track of clients waiting to enter a particular course, managed by VETtrak’s Programmes and Occurrences functionality. To help with this, VETtrak comes with a free tool designed to assist with managing these people called Waiter.

The Waiter module allows you to:

  • Record the referral source for each person on the waiting list.
  • See all the programmes that a particular individual is waitlisted for.
  • Send an email or text message to all the people waiting for a particular programme.
  • Enrol people into a course directly from the waiting list.

You can read the full article covering the VETtrak Waiter by visiting our Help Centre.