Feature February: Triggers and Actions

It’s Feature February, which means you’ll be able to find out information on VETtrak software features you may never have used or heard of before. The topics throughout February are features included in your VETtrak software subscription and will provide valuable information on how you can automate and streamline work completed within VETtrak.

This week, we’ll be going over the ‘Triggers and Actions’ feature, a recent addition to VETtrak software, which introduces automation based on predefined triggers.

The Triggers and Actions Manager allows you to set up actions that are automatically performed when users perform operations in VETtrak that meet the trigger criteria. This can be used to semi-automate workflow steps in VETtrak.

Examples of triggers include:

  • When you record an absent attendance for the client -> send an SMS message to the client
  • When you record an award -> update the status of its linked enrolments to “Completed”
  • When you create a client enrolment for a client in a certain group, run the Enrolment report -> save it to the document database against the enrolment -> and email it to the enrolled client

The following videos will give you extra insight to adding and editing Triggers and Actions.

If you’d like to view the complete user guide for VETtrak’s ‘Triggers and Actions’, click here.