Feature February: Report Scheduler

It’s Feature February, which means you’ll be able to find out information on VETtrak software features you may never have used or heard of before. The topics throughout February are features included in your VETtrak software subscription and will provide valuable information on how you can automate and streamline work completed within VETtrak.

This week in Feature February, we’ll be going over VETtrak’s ‘Report Scheduler’.

The VETtrak Report Scheduler allows you to have a custom report automatically run at specified dates and times without user intervention. The report output file can be saved to a location of your choice, and / or emailed to a recipient of your choice.

There are two parts to the Scheduler:

  • The scheduler service which runs as a Windows service. This should be installed by your IT staff.
  • The VETtrak add-on, which allows you to set up the report schedules in VETtrak.

You can read the full article covering the VETtrak’s Report Scheduler by visiting our Help Centre.