Feature February: Data Insights Manager

It’s Feature February, which means you’ll be able to find out information on VETtrak software features you may never have used or heard of before. The topics throughout February are features included in your VETtrak software subscription and will provide valuable information on how you can automate and streamline work completed within VETtrak.

This week, we’ll be going over the ‘Data Insights Manager’ which is a query tool within the VETtrak software.

The Data Insights Manager is a feature of VETtrak that gives you unencumbered access to the data you have entered into your VETtrak system, with a full suite of options that allow you to query and interact with your data in new and dynamic ways.

Just a small sample of the options the Data Insight Manager provides:

  • Create and amend queries: Look up information with a freedom to specify exactly what you want to see, with the option to robustly filter your returned results.
  • Bulk update fields: Introducing new functionality to amend specific fields within your database for a number of entries, such as employers, dates and more.
  • Contact specific clients: Define and retrieve particular client sets, then contact them via whatever method you prefer.
  • Automated report creation: Set up a looping option to create reports for a set of people, without needing to repeat the process – Including automatically saving the exported report for your review.

If you’d like to learn more about VETtrak’s Data Insights Manager, contact our Solutions & Education Team to organise a consultation.