Employers still the crucial link in trade apprenticeship completions

Successful trade apprenticeship completions are more dependent on the quality of the employment experience than external RTO training being received, new research shows.

Trade apprentices are more likely to give up on completing their training due to a poor employment experience than the quality of learning on offer at their external Registered Training Organisation.

Research from NCVER shows most apprentices blame their employers for dropping out, for reasons including working conditions, supervision, pay, types of work, and relationships with co-workers.

The findings – which have been consistent between 2010 and 2019 – show 73.9 per cent of trade apprentices leave for employment-related reasons, and only 10.9 per cent for training reasons.

Only 1.3 per cent said they left an apprenticeship because of dissatisfaction with off-the-job training, compared with 12.1 per cent who said they ‘didn’t get on with my boss or other co-workers’.

NCVER found the proportion of non-completers satisfied with off-the-job training was ‘very high’ (70.3 per cent) when compared with overall satisfaction with the apprenticeship (51.5 per cent).

RTOs have been increasing their focus on supporting all types of students with successful completions, according to ReadyTech and VETtrak’s Voice of VET RTO Industry 2020 Report.

A majority (61 per cent) of 379 providers surveyed by ReadyTech in 2019 indicated they were taking action to identify at-risk students and intervene where it will help them complete their training.

Download the full ReadyTech Voice of VET RTO Industry 2020 Report.