Data Integration Made Easy

Many training organisations simply use a spreadsheet-based system to record data which can present a number of potential issues.

Some of the most common issues our data experts are exposed to are:

  • Data spread out over lots of unconnected systems
  • Not able to report over enterprise-wide data
  • Inefficient process that requires manual data entry or double data entry
  • Associated problems with data entry errors

Integrating your RTO’s data can assist in reducing systems costs and increase efficiencies by housing RTO operational data in one place. Changing how your RTO manages its data can be a daunting task but that’s not to say that you don’t want to improve the way your data looks, acts and assists. As we introduce this new service, we understand the challenges that come with change. Through the consultation, implementation and maintenance stages, our experienced experts will provide a detailed plan and helpful advice on managing business process change.

By utilising VETtrak’s data integration, migration and visualisation services, we can assist your RTO in:

  • Rectifying large data entry errors
  • Merging Databases – moving from one to multi RTO
  • Importing data from a system which does not currently integrate – CRM, LMS…
  • Importing data which is currently being recorded in spreadsheets only
  • Platform Migration – Firebird to SQL transition
  • Finance Management – Finance system imports and reporting solutions
  • Timetable Management – import timetable information from multiple sources
  • Data Warehouse Reporting – raw data analysis through visualisation and custom reports
  • Data Integration – Databases, Exchange, active directory, website
  • Website/Web Services – build dynamic websites using data from any source or that interacts with any source of data.
  • DBA Services – database installation, backup/maintenance/monitoring jobs, health checks
  • Disaster Recovery – planning and testing

In order to give you a more insightful understanding of where your database currently stands, our data experts are offering a free initial consultation to discuss your individual requirements and steps moving forward.

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