AVETMISS 8: What's changed in VETtrak 17.3

The latest major software update 17.3 was released on Friday October 13. Within this release, we’ve made some changes to support AVETMISS 8.

The changes made in VETtrak version 17.3 to accommodate the state and national changes to AVETMISS reporting requirements in 2018 cover:

These changes are in anticipation of the AVETMISS 8.0 deployment scheduled for 2018. For more information there are a number of resources and documents available from the NCVER website.

These changes have been made to allow you to start entering new data required for AVETMISS 8, for enrolments that are starting or continuing into 2018. AVETMISS generation has not been changed yet.

You can visit the Help Centre and view our full article here. If you’d like to find out more about the overall changes in this update, 17.3 Release Notes are available.