VETtrak in Schools

Are you a school operating as an RTO? Install VETtrak to save time on data reporting, enrolment information and AVETMISS compliance.

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Software & Services: Supporting School RTOs

VETtrak can offer your school RTO:

  • Fully Compliant AVETMISS & CRICOS reporting
  • Comprehensive Management Software
  • Data Insights into Unit Results
  • User-Friendly Student to Trainer Portal Communication Tools
  • Enrolment, Survey, Intranet & Data Reporting Add-Ons
  • Competitive Pricing Structure

Full RTO Compliance & Management Software for your School

Offering RTO programs in schools is always a robust and time-consuming undertaking for staff.

VETtrak is designed to completely support school RTOs through comprehensive student data management and accurate AVETMISS compliance reporting.

We have been delivering our student management software and services to RTOs for over 19 years: we know the VET industry better than most. Let VETtrak help you achieve your course management, training delivery and compliance goals.

Need Trainers for your School RTO?

VETtrak has cultivated a reputation as the most efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective student management system in the education industry. Make use of our large networks and talent pools to find reliable, skilled VET trainers for your school.

Managed Services

The VETtrak in Schools Data Processing Services package is a VETtrak managed service tailored to school RTOs.  This includes everything your school will need to manage all of the administration functions of an RTO based within a school, allowing the school to focus on delivery and student outcomes.

Ongoing VETtrak Training & Professional Development

VETtrak want to upskill your staff. If you are looking to improve your VETtrak knowledge, our trainers are available for foundation training and custom training in any areas you want to improve in.

Find out more about VETrak for your School RTO.

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