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Safe & Secure Cloud Hosting Service

VETtrak’s cloud hosting service eliminates the stress of managing a database on your own. Our team of experts manage the entire installation and management process, so you can focus on delivering quality teaching to your students.

This dynamic option allows RTOs to access their VETtrak databases anywhere and anytime with complete security. The cloud hosting option will also save your RTO time and money by cutting costs on expensive IT callouts, hardware costs and software licensing fees.

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Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Store your RTO’s database on our safe and secure servers, fully maintained by us. To access your server, all you need to do is install a small utility to allow remote desktop access. Once installed, you can access VETtrak from any location with an internet connection.

VETtrak is delivered by a remote desktop application: once you are connected, it looks and behaves as if you were using VETtrak on your own computer.

Maintained and Managed by VETtrak

Eliminate the complexity of managing, maintaining and configuring your own server by employing VETtrak’s cloud hosting option.

With this option, we VETtrak can completely manage your database on your behalf, from organising installation to implementing future updates.

Looking to move from on-premises hosting? Moving over to VETtrak’s cloud server will not disrupt your data or workflow. All you will need to do is send the files to our team for us to upload to our server. This is a simple process and we will provide you with clear instructions and guidance for this.

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Works Seamlessly When Installing Add-Ons

Looking to incorporate VETtrak’s add-ons into your management system? VETtrak’s  servers are configured specifically for VETtrak and it’s add-ons, including VETtrak Business Intelligence and the VETtrak student and trainer portals.

Secure and Safe

Installing VETtrak on our cloud service means your data will be backed up on a regular basis. We use the latest encryption, security patches, virus scanners, firewalls and a multitude of other safety measures to ensure your data is consistently secure. To ensure the utmost security, VETtrak will isolate your data at a database level so your data is never stored in a shared database with other customers.

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The VETtrak team offer live real-time support for all our customers: our staff can join you online to guide you through any problems or issues you may be having. This process is completely secure: staff can only access your data for support reasons with your express permission.

Looking to switch to VETtrak cloud hosting? Speak to a VETtrak specialist today. 

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