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Make more informed decisions about your RTO with VETtrak Business Intelligence, a VETtrak add-on compiling student data from your VETtrak platform into one easy interface.

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Intelligent Analytics for your RTO

Data analysis is fast becoming the standard strategic practice in every business, large or small. Analysing data sets requires sophisticated systems and an easy-to-use interface for all staff members to access.

VETtrak Business Intelligence is an advanced tool delivering world-class analysis of VETtrak data. It is designed specifically for the education industry, delivering a simplified structure for processing data at an advanced level with consistently high performance.  

Streamline Data Reporting

VETtrak Business Intelligence delivers the following:

  • Visualisation and management of large and complex data.
  • Flexibility to suit your training organisation’s needs.
  • Seamless analytics across cloud and on-premises hosting options.
  • Familiar Microsoft Excel interface.

VETtrak Business Intelligence uses Microsoft Excel pivot tables and charts to perform complex data visualisation, no additional specialised resources are needed for you to achieve expert-level insights.

VETtrak Business Intelligence is a feature available for customers on the Enterprise package, and can be installed using both cloud and on-premises hosting.

It also adheres to all VET compliance standards for reporting, with built in measures/dimensions specifically designed for compliance reporting.

Data Visualisations You Need

VETtrak Business Intelligence’s beauty lies in the innovative visualization of its data.

Customers can easily create charts and graphs through the Microsoft Excel Graph features, making the data analysis process faster and easier for all RTO staff.

VETtrak Business Intelligence uses measures and dimensions to build charts and tables. There is no need to manually add data to spreadsheets: you can develop your own standard reports and refresh the data when you want.

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Accurate and Easy-To-Use Data

VETtrak Business Intelligence makes data accessible. Its simple structure, paired with the familiarity of Microsoft Excel, offers a cleaner approach to data analysis and management.

It eliminates the labour associated with data reporting and provides complete access to all data functions whenever they are needed.

Measures Include:

  • Student Enrolments
  • Training Contracts
  • Class Attendances
  • Placements
  • Occurrences
  • Waitlists
  • VET FEE-Help
  • Occurrence Costs & Budgets
  • Forecast Funded Amounts & Hours
  • Attributes
  • Funded Payment Hours
  • Holding Transfer Amount
  • Invoiced Amounts
  • Payment Amounts
  • Scheduled Invoice Amounts
  • Student Awards or Statements
  • Events
  • Placement Hours & Charges

Dimensions include:

  • Student Enrolments
  • Class Attendances
  • Attributes
  • Award or Statements
  • Contacts
  • Staff Contracts
  • Disability
  • Employer
  • Enrolment
  • Events
  • Expenses
  • Forecast
  • Invoices
  • Ledgers
  • Occurrences & Bookings
  • Payments
  • Placements
  • Programme
  • Qualifications
  • Tasks
  • Training Contracts
  • Units
  • VET FEE-Help
  • Waitlists

How VETtrak Business Intelligence Works

Microsoft Excel accesses a data cube created from your VETtrak database using MS SQL Server Analysis Services: your very own data warehouse.

This data warehouse is refreshed with your VETtrak data on a regular basis, and usually occurs overnight. A data cube is then created, which can be accessed and viewed through an Excel spreadsheet.

VETtrak Cloud Hosting

VETtrak-hosted customers looking to install VETtrak Business Intelligence are eligible for the following:

  • Data warehouse setup and data cube usage.
  • Data refresh to occur every night.
  • Credentials for access to the data cube through Excel (password-locked).
  • Initial training over the phone with our experienced VETtrak trainers using screen-sharing.

All that you require is a recent version of Excel (preferably Excel 2013).

VETtrak On-Premises Hosting

Locally-hosted users looking to install VETtrak Business Intelligence are eligible for the following:

  • Data warehouse setup and data cube usage.
  • Initial training over the phone with our experienced VETtrak trainers using screen-sharing.

You will require:

  • Installation of MS SQL Server 2012 with Analysis Services and Integration Services (Standard, Enterprise or BI edition)
  • A recent version of Excel, preferably Excel 2013

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