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Features you’ll love

Enjoy VETtrak’s range of built-in functions and add-ons as you settle into the package that is right for you.

VETtrak Standard

enrolment info icon

Enrolment information

Enrolments in VETtrak are the core indication of training activity. Enrolments can be linked to Training Agreements so New Apprentice training is easily separated from other activity.
attendance icon

Attendance lists

VETtrak provides a number of simple methods of recording attendance, including the use of user-defined attendance types
contracts icon

Training Agreements/Contracts

Link multiple training or supervisory staff to the contract and select one staff member as the primary contact.
placement icon

Placements and workplace visits

Employers which are linked to work placements are considered to be Host Employers. Any individual in VETtrak can have one or more Work Placements recorded.
manage students icon

Manage students

Record, verify, lookup, create and report USIs for students. VETtrak integrates directly with the USI web services, allowing you to verify USIs individually or in bulk.
manage employers icon

Manage employers

Maintain a full database of the businesses you deal with which are the employers of your trainees or participants. Find out which trainees or participants are employed by which business.
manage people icon

Manage short courses

View and manage all your course/programme offerings in a Gantt-chart style visual display. Filter them by location, type, and/or status.
add on task icon

Ezidebit payment plans

Integrate with the Ezidebit system to allow students and businesses to pay invoices by a payment plan, with regular credit card or bank account direct debit payments managed by Ezidebit. Read More.
manage trainers icon

Jobactive providers

Record details about the Jobactive provider that has referred a student, including the supervisor and site manager contacts.

manage trainers icon

Manage trainers

Transfer any contracts, enrolments and events that a staff member is associated with, to another staff member. Useful when a staff member leaves the organisation.
manage events icon

Manage events

VETtrak includes a generic entity called Events, which can take many forms and can be assigned to employers/businesses, individuals, and short courses.
manage waiting list icon

Manage waiting lists

Maintain waiting lists for short courses, and enrol students directly from the waiting list when places become available.
training venue icon

Training venues

If your organisation conducts classroom-based training, VETtrak allows the grouping of participants into classes, along with their associated rooms and staff members.
communications icon

Communicate by email and SMS

Send email or SMS to single or groups of people from a simple right-click menu choice in VETtrak. Accept SMS replies to confirm attendance.
invoices icon

Invoices, receipts and payments

Divide pricing of enrolments and contracts up into customisable items. Enrolment pricing can be optionally broken down to individual units.
ccqi reports icon


VETtrak complies with the current AVETMIS Standard (version 7), including its state-specific derivatives. You can generate the required files at any point during the year.
user choice claiming icon

User choice claiming

VETtrak will automatically collate data for User Choice claiming using the data you enter as part of your day-to-day use of the application, which can be exported.
financial reports icon

Financial reports

VETtrak comes with a suite of Standard Reports that have been designed to cover the more common report requests we receive from our customers.
client importer icon

Client importer

This free add-on allows you to import client data into VETtrak from a CSV or Excel file. You can easily configure which fields are imported and what order they are in.
self hosted icon

Self-hosted available

Install and manage your VETtrak database on your own system.
security icon

Security add-on

The VETtrak Security Feature gives fine-grained control over user access to VETtrak. Control who can do what.
certificate icon

Certificates / SOA

All of the information needed to produce Certificates, Statements of Attainment and Statements of Results is already in your VETtrak database.

business icon

Data insights

Create simple self-service queries on your VETtrak data with your choice of fields and search criteria. Perform bulk actions with the records you find.

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VETtrak Professional

Includes all of the features of Standard, plus:

vettrak report icon

Custom / ad hoc reports

Include any data from VETtrak to produce reports for internal or external use. Examples of reports include personalised certificates, Personalised statements of attainment and many more.
document storage icon

Document storage

VETtrak offers different ways to store and access electronic documents. If you prefer to keep all your electronic documents in one place, and have the security of storing files in your database.
management structure icon

Management structure

The VETtrak Management Structure feature allows you to set up and manage a hierarchical relationship between the people in your database.
merge icon

Merge client & merge employer

If you have duplicate data in your database, these features allow you to merge multiple clients’ or employers’ information into a single client or employer.
results icon

Unit results importer

Save time on data entry by using the Unit Result Importer feature to import results directly into VETtrak from an Excel file or CSV file.
add on task icon


This feature allows you to break your units down into a number of assessment tasks, and also have tasks that may contribute to the assessment.
report scheduler icon

Report Scheduler

The VETtrak Report Scheduler allows you to have a custom report automatically run at specified dates and times without user intervention. The report output file can be saved to a location of your choice, and / or emailed to a recipient of your choice.

client update icon

Client Updater

The Client Updater add-on provides additional functionality to the Client Importer so users can edit existing client records as well as inserting new ones.

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VETtrak Enterprise

Includes all of the features of Standard & Professional, plus:

api icon

Web Connector / API

API can be accessed by any software that can talk to a web service, allowing for a broad range of potential implementations.
online training icon

Catapult LMS Integration

 Transfer information about students and their enrolled units, and trainers and their supervised enrolments, from VETtrak to Catapult.
connecting people power icon

FinPa LMS Integration

 Integrate VETtrak with the FinPa Learning Management System. You can transfer information about students and their enrolments to FinPa.
add on icon


This feature allows users to record all the information required by the VET FEE-HELP system, and includes a utility to create the files that must be reported to the government.
training venue icon

CRICOS student management

Record CRICOS CoEs for international students. Record at-risk assessments, leaves of absence, course changes, deferrals, suspensions and terminations.

multi rto icon


The Multi-RTO feature allows more than one RTO in a single VETtrak database. You can specify which funding sources and purchasing contracts each RTO can use
business icon

VETtrak BI

Develop your own standard reports and refresh the data when you want. Easily analyse your VETtrak data from aggregate to individual unit data at the client level. Read more…
connecting people power icon

Moodle LMS Authentication Integration

Connect your Moodle LMS to VETtrak. Retrieve a list of VETtrak clients from within Moodle, select the clients you want created in Moodle and then enrol them in a course. Students can then log into Moodle with their VETtrak username and password. (Hosted customers only)

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Two ways to set up VETtrak

After deciding which package you’d like all you need to do is choose how you want to set up VETtrak. Simply choose if you want it hosted on our cloud which you can access from anywhere or set it up inside your own internal network.


Hosted on our cloud

Our trained staff will install VETtrak on our cloud for you. All you need to do is install a small utility to allow remote desktop access. You can expect to be set up and ready to go within one business day.


Hosted on your server

The ‘DIY’ option where you will need to install and manage everything on your own. We simply hand over the software to you and let you take control of the installation, backup and management of network.


A number of add-ons are available for VETtrak, including online enrolment systems and web-based portals to access your RTO on the go.

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