Streamline Your Workflow with VETnet

VETnet is a dynamic application for managing workflow processes and assisting with compliance.

It is an ancillary product to VETtrak, providing RTOs with tools in a central location for document storage, management of resources and compliance workflows. VETnet is an intranet solution for streamlining communication between members of your organisation.

Document Management

Maintain tight document control through VETnet’s document storage tool. Documents can be uploaded, edited, arranged into categories and controlled with different levels of access for different users. The history of each document update is maintained for every document, and documents can even be linked to ASQA standards. 

Document approval is controlled through a user-assigned system. Any user can upload new documents, but they will not be available for use until approved by the assigned person, meaning no one will access non-approved or out-of-date content.

Submissions System

Save money on substantial paper and postage costs with the VETnet submissions system. Trainers can upload student information directly to your central administration team while they’re out of the office. The processing team can action uploaded requests, either by performing the task or sending a query back to the trainer. VETnet retains your submission history, making your documentation easy to recall at audit. Enjoy the submission system’s comprehensive reporting features that enable easy identification of common problems, KPI reporting and much more.

News Feed

Keep your staff up to date on the latest developments within your organisation with the news feed, visible to users when they first log in. Roll out important notices, training news, PD opportunities or general information and have it easily accessible from one central source.

VETnet Registers

The VETnet Registers tool provides a series of helpful workflow processes for RTO staff to streamline and manage compliance-related items. There are tools available for all members of your RTO team.

Complaints and Issues Register

VETnet users can record complaints from students or staff for consideration. Delegate complaints to users for resolution, upload evidence, write comments and track and monitor the complaint right through to resolution. You can view the list of issues, produce reports for audit and then resolve each complaint as you need to. 

Continuous Improvement

Help support your organisation’s continuous improvement policy with VETnet. Involve all staff to capture ideas to on how to improve your RTO in this dynamic register. All improvements can be monitored, commented upon, tracked and recalled as needed. Produce reports of continuous improvement activity for presentation at audit.

Trainer Resources and Requests

VETnet streamlines communications between all members of your organisation. Trainers can access learning resources, student information, manage travel and resource requests, record PD activity and upload invoices to your central administration team. Administrators can also record all trainer information in VETnet, including contracts, delegation information, qualifications, working with children, police checks and keep a copy of any necessary documentation.

Workplace Health and Safety

Record and manage WHS incidents, hazards and improvements with this tool. Designed for managing any concerns identified about workplace health and safety. There are separate workflows for managing incidents, identification of hazards. You can even create safety audits for each of your training locations and export the results for reporting purposes to ensure you are keeping safety at the top of your priority list.

VETnet can also provide workflows for support, IP development, professional development recording, marketing documents, training venues and third party registers. 

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