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Streamline Communication Between Staff & Students

VETnet provides businesses with a central location for managing all kinds of RTO workflows, including document management, course information, marketing resources, and RTO-specific compliance registers.

It can also facilitate communication between companies, substantially simplifying workflow and increasing productivity in RTOs.

VETnet is an external product offered by VETtrak and operates as a stand-alone intranet solution: education organisations can use VETnet without installing the VETtrak software. 

Install & Use VETnet With or Without VETtrak

VETnet operates as a stand-alone product: it does not integrate with VETtrak. You have the flexibility of using VETnet as your intranet system without installing our student management software.

SO4P Extension for Reporting

Submit Online 4 Processing, or “SO4P”, is an online submissions system within VETnet for trainers to lodge paperwork, and for either an external data processing service, or to your internal administration team, to access and read. 

Once the paperwork is lodged, the data processing team are able to download and process the information into your student management software.

SO4P enables your training organisation to eliminate paper-based data management systems, providing you with a robust framework for internal and external processes.

SO4P can be included with VETnet, but is also available as a stand-alone system. Contact VETtrak to find out more about how SO4P can help your RTO.

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Continuous Improvement Register

As an education provider within the VET industry, you have a duty to develop and maintain a culture of continuous improvement across the board. VETnet can help your RTO maintain compliance with its built-in improvement register: trainers can simply enter any concerns or ideas for improvement within the VETnet system, and these inputs can be easily accessed during compliance auditing.

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