Manage your student enrolments in one centralised location with VETenrol, VETtrak’s add-on solution for effectively managing course enrolment.

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VETtrak’s Dynamic Enrolment Solution

VETenrol is a web-based system for VETtrak, designed to allow quick and easy deployment of web enrolments. VETenrol communicates dynamically with VETtrak to provide your students with up-to-date enrolment information.

Save time and improve accuracy with accessible online enrolment into courses direct from VETtrak: VETenrol retrieves course information from VETtrak using the API. 

With VETenrol, you can review participant details, confirm payments and approve enrolments. You can also customise what fields are and are not mandatory, including setting up your own questions or entry criteria.

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With VETenrol, you can:

  • Access course information in the VETtrak system
  • Direct students to a list or specific course
  • Enable/Disable steps to suit your RTO
  • Export enrolment reports
  • Create your own set of questionnaires and surveys
  • Access and use built-in, customisable LLN quizzes
  • Automate email notifications
  • Confirm the payment and approve their enrolment.

Committed Enrolment Support, From Beginning to End.

With VETtrak, it doesn’t end with a purchase: we are with you every step of the way. Contact us today to find out how VETenrol can make your training organisation better.

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A Wide Variety of Payment Options

  • ANZ
  • CamTech
  • CommWeb (CBA)
  • eWay
  • NAB
  • PayCorp
  • Payment Express
  • SecurePay
  • EFT Payments
  • Bill to Business
  • Purchase Order
  • Credit Card
  • Invoice
  • Direct Debit
  • Integration with your chosen financial institution.

Got more questions about VETenrol? Speak to a VETtrak specialist today.

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