VETtrak Software Update 17.1.3

VETtrak is pleased to announce the release of software update 17.1.3 on April 13, 2017. The update has a number of new features including:

  • Improvements for the Client Importer including additional fields that can be imported.
  • Improvements to the Quality Assurance Manager.
  • The ability to extend enrolment end dates when using the Extend Unit Dates wizard.
  • The ability to automatically start units and tasks when a positive attendance is recorded for a student in a class where the unit and/or task is linked to that class.
  • The separating of classes and Events into ‘Future’ and ‘Past’ nodes to make it easier for users to find the classes and Events.
  • A Review page when using the Auto-Create Invoice wizard for creating bulk invoices.


Customers should review the complete Release Notes before updating to familiarise themselves with all the new features and improvements.


We are excited to announce the launch of a new product: VT Docs. This is the replacement product for FileTrak Online that is used to upload documents against entities in VETtrak via a web interface. VT Docs is a significantly improved product using modern interface design and expanded functionality. Hosted customers will be automatically transferred to VT Docs after updating to 17.1.3 of VETtrak. Locally installed customers can request the new product through emailing

An update to the Student Portal will also be released at the same time. This update allows students to add or edit their AVETMISS specific information like their country of birth, or the languages spoken at home. There is also an integration with VETsurvey to allow students to complete surveys for feedback directly from within the Student Portal.

The Trainer Portal has also been updated to support the new functionality in VETtrak, as well as some other enhancements and improvements. There will be more exciting new features added to the Trainer and Student Portals in the upcoming months to support things like notifications and direct messaging in the portals.


Locally installed customers can download the latest version of VETtrak by logging into the VETtrak Customer Centre and then going to the support centre, then clicking the link to the downloads section. Hosted customers will need to contact the VETtrak support centre team at to organise an update to the latest version.

VETtrak is constantly developing new features for its new and existing products. In the next few months, the VETtrak Progress Portal will be available, which will allow third-party organisations such as Job Active providers and Employers to view the progress of their staff and referred clients in their training with you. We will also be launching the Certificate Verification Service (CVS) to allow for third parties to verify the contents of Certificates and Statements issued by our customers. Stay tuned for these and more exciting developments from VETtrak.