Software Update 18.1 Release

The latest major software update for VETtrak. Version update 18.1.0, referring to the first major release of 2018 has now been released. This update is a significant update from 17.x as it includes database changes. New features include:

  • 2018 AVETMISS reporting changes and NAT file generation for AVETMISS 8.
  • New combined Programme Manager and Booking Manager – choice of Gantt or List view.
  • Enrolments ‘Quick View’ now has its own panel in the Client Manager.
  • Re-design of Data Insights and Triggers and Actions field selections.
  • User defined clustering of units – not just ‘core’ and ‘elective’.
  • Triggers and Actions now supports record ‘edits’ as well as ‘adds’.

Please note: you can generate NAT files in both the AVETMISS 7 and AVETMISS 8 formats.Choose AV7 for 2017 reporting and AV8 for 2018 reporting.

There are also updates for the Student Portal, Trainer Portal and VETtrak API to coincide with the VETtrak release. If you are using the Student Portal, Trainer Portal, or the VETtrak API, they will also need to be updated to that version compatible with version 18.1.x of VETtrak. It is strongly advised that you read through the complete Release Notes for version 18.1.x to familiarise yourself with these and other new features and enhancements.

Locally installed customers can download the latest version of VETtrak by logging into the VETtrak Customer Centre and then going to the support centre, then clicking the link to the downloads section. Please ensure that you have made a backup copy of your VETtrak database before updating.

Hosted customers will need to contact the VETtrak support centre team at to organise an update to the latest version.

Contact VETtrak support on 1800 VETTRAK or if you have any questions about 18.1.x, or if you are having issues with your update.