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Social Media Management

Identify your target audience and reach them on the right social channels at the right time.

Social media – it’s the way today’s world communicates, from the now ‘mature’ Facebook to new and fast growing platforms like Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest – there are a range of social media platforms where your potential students are spending time.

Reaching them at the right time, with the right message, on the right platform while ensuring it is a meaningful and engaging interaction can be tough. This is where our social media experts can help you with the planning, strategy and execution.

At a Glance: Social Media Management

  • Suitable for: RTOs keen to build their brand and attract new students through the power of the Social Media platform

  • Commitment required: 3-6 months to see effective results

  • You’ll need to have: A business you are proud of, and training you really want to sing about.

  • Key outcomes: Organic interactions and engagement with prospective students and increased website traffic.

Strategy & Planning

Who is your target market? When are they using their social media platforms? It’s not just about being present on social media – it’s about having a strategy on how to maximise each platform to ensure your customer base feels engaged with, while also helping you to reach whole new segments.

A good social media strategy will encompass a wide range of options to support your business in getting the most out of its social media channels, and defining measurable KPI’s and returns on both your time and dollar investment.

VETtrak’s social media experts are actively engaging in the social media space and are aware of the current trends, so we know when to post, what to post, and what to say in posts so that your customers are constantly annoyed from irrelevant content.


Planning. Strategy. Management. VETtrak has the resources to effectively manage social media portfolios. There are so many requirements between platforms that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

A well planned and managed social media marketing campaign will help you reach customers across multiple platforms in order to build brand recognition.  Along with creating richer customer relationships and generating more sales leads, it will the ensure brand strength, consistency, and the professionalism that you will want to convey.

Our trusted team at VETtrak has the ability to post on your behalf, strategically follow other accounts, comment and interact with your users, monitor the accounts, and report to you on all activity. This will save you hours at the beginning and end of each day so you can focus more on your business.


Social Media advertising. This is a new space for many businesses to be operating in and is often done incorrectly, giving misleading information to prospective students and damaging brand recognition.

At VETtrak we’ll set up your brand’s social media so it puts you and your message in front of more potential new customers, giving them the right message. We look at your business model and setup campaigns with a series of ads designed to target the types of clients that you want to get in front of, all part of your business strategy. We regularly tweak these ads to ensure maximum ROI and provide monthly reporting for your business.


Looking to upskill your team? Want to give them access to the latest tools, tips and tricks of the social media world? At VETtrak we can run tailored training sessions at your business, using your preferred platforms, and your business applications.

Our tailored training sessions run by our trusted VETtrak social media specialists will make you comfortable with the world of social media for business, helping you to gain practical knowledge and tools to assist you to productively get your business in front of the right audience.

Get your social media presence started today. Call 1800 VETtrak to speak to one of our consultants about setting up a Social Media Management plan for your business.

Ready to get social?

Your prospective students are on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Meerkat and many other channels. Let us find them, engage with them and help turn them into students.

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