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Rank higher on Google search results

People are searching for training. Is your business showing up in the results?

Organic search is often misunderstood and many marketing specialists do not focus on creating the best advertisement for the free lead generating opportunities that organic search provides. Our industry specialists can help you improve your organic Google search results and page ranking on key search words that relate to your business. VETtrak provides solutions that can maximise your investment in online marketing. We will conduct a site audit to determine how visible you are to Google, and your target market.

At a Glance: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Suitable for: RTOs looking for growth in website traffic through organic search

  • Commitment required: 6-9 months to see effective results

  • You’ll need to have: A website, and an awareness of who your target market is

  • Key outcomes: Maximise your organic page ranking in Google for the key words that define your business

roundProven effectiveness

Our Organic Search services include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website optimisation
  • Split-Testing

VETtrak provides a free site audit, conducted to focus on the following:

  • Check current indexed pages
  • Review the number of organic landing pages in Google Analytics
  • Check Google’s cache for key pages
  • Do a mobile search for your brand and key landing pages

You should definitely consider Website and Search Engine Optimisation if the strength of awareness that Google has of your site isn’t meeting your expectations.

Want your site to be better optimised for Google search results?

Let’s jump on a call to discuss SEO for your website and find out how VETtrak can help your business. Let’s Talk