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Transfer your data responsibilities to the experts with VETtrak’s outsourcing services, and let your staff focus on what is most important for your organisation: training your students.

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VETtrak’s Outsourcing Services

Data entry is a highly necessary but time-consuming aspect of all VET organisations. More and more organisations across the VET sector are outsourcing their data processing to assist with compliance, optimise company workflow and to maximise efficiency for staff.

Data processing should be performed accurately, consistently and in accordance with documented procedures. Our outsourced data processing services can help your RTO develop accurate, compliance focused processes that result in higher compliance outcomes.

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DPS On-Demand

Anticipating a spike in workload? Save precious time and resources with DPS On-Demand: standby data processing staff available to help when your own employees are overloaded. DPS On-Demand is a service designed to “take up the slack” in times of high demand: temporary staff are on standby to pick up surplus data processing work in peak workload periods.

Standby staff are billable by the hour and levied in accordance with operator’s skill level required.Work done through DPS On-Demand will be processed in accordance with your own documented processes.

NOTE: DPS On-Demand must be on-boarded in advance of your time of high demand to ensure staff are adequately trained in your organisation’s standard procedures
Before on-boarding with DPS On-Demand, you will need the Shared IT or Dedicated IT package to ensure our operators get be guaranteed trouble free access when needed.

DPS Standard

The DPS Standard is our entry-level, full-service management package, providing services for completing all regular day-to-day activities whilst leaving the high-level organisational management functionality in your hands.

The deployment of the DPS Standard package involves a thorough on-boarding process to ensure we understand your business’s needs. We conduct a comprehensive review of your entire RTO operation, including policies, procedures, processes, risks and compliance obligations. We use this process to identify tasks that can be streamlined, and provide tailored solutions to improve the way you operate your business.

NOTE: Services are billed on activity, with an agreed minimum monthly retainer. Prices are negotiated based on services to be rendered, anticipated activity levels among other factors.
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DPS Plus

Need help with compliance and government reporting?

DPS Plus is a premium management service ideal for organisations with limited internal expertise in dealing with standard compliance and reporting issues, enabling customers to improve operational agility and efficiency.

DPS plus includes all of the service included in our DPS Standard package with the addition of government funding processing, VET FEE-HELP lodgements, AVETMISS and QI reporting.

Our premium DPS Plus service enables outsourcing of the entire organisation’s administration function, all with the ability to scale up or down as required.

In addition to administration services, we can also arrange external consultants to visit your organisation for advice on tender submissions and funding contract renewal, outsourced training and assessment, validation services, resource development, enrolment processing assistance and scope extensions among many other areas.

VETtrak In Schools DPS Package

The VETtrak In Schools DPS package is tailored to accommodate secondary schools offering VET training.

This comprehensive package is designed to include everything you need to manage all of the administration functions of a school RTO, allowing your staff to focus on delivery and student outcomes rather than maintaining compliance. 

We provide all of the systems, software applications, security, policy and procedure documentation, admin and IT staff to ensure your RTO can maintain high-quality teaching and accurate compliance reporting. also offers priority customer support during office hours, with access to a dedicated client manager with intricate knowledge of your RTO and the environment in which it operates.

This package offers a seamless experience for compliance reporting: we guarantee accuracy to avoid rework or compliance correction at audit. We also provide trained staff and managers with cutting-edge skills in data processing who monitor submitted work for compliance on the way into the system.

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New RTO Package / On-boarding Package

Looking to put a brand new RTO on the market? New RTO/On-Boarding Package provides assistance to budding RTO owners with policy and procedure manuals, templates, compliance assistance and the full VETtrak software system.

 Get audit-ready with VETtrak’s managed services.

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