Managed Services

Outsourcing & IT Services for your RTO

To address the needs and challenges faced by training organisations, VETtrak has developed an innovative series of services tailored to the VET sector, with a particular focus on compliance adherence.

VETtrak Managed Services deliver comprehensive and streamlined systems to make workflow easier for your education organisation. VETtrak Managed Services includes the original integrated solutions of VETtrak, with the added features of dedicated personnel experienced in compliance procedures and innovative management systems.

Browse our options and get audit-ready with a VETtrak Managed Services package your RTO requires. 

Outsourcing Services

Processing large sets of student data takes time, accuracy and a strong adherence to compliance standards. Let us do the hard work for you with our outsourcing services for all your data needs. 

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IT Services

The team at VETtrak are well-versed in implementing IT systems for RTOs. Eliminate the complexity of designing and installing your own infrastructure with VETtrak’s IT services.