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Student Engagement & Support

An engagement and support framework for your enrolled students – happier students, higher completion.

While having quality assurance is vital when enrolling students into a course, VETtrak understands that this isn’t enough. So what we’ve done is create an engagement and support framework where students gain access to.

Aimed solely to help students, VETtrak’s engagement, support systems, and framework are unique in their approach and leave the student feeling empowered as they progress through their course.

This program utilizes our services consulting team to engage directly with the student to set up an initial private consultation to understand their key motivational drivers for training, along with future stated goals.

Our specialist consultants are to be able to help students find what it is that they want from their career. This is an effective approach because the student realizes their dreams and goals then walks away with a clear picture.

Following this, we provide an action plan to coach individuals on how to approach online learning. This is important especially if the student has been in the workforce for multiple years and hasn’t studied for some time.

VETtrak discuss weekly touch points with students to assess progress, reinforce underlying motivations to succeed, and provide support where required. To ensure that the student feels like they’re receiving adequate support we contact them through various mediums (phone, SMS, email, chat, video conference).

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