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New Enrolments Quality Assurance

Suitable students x Suitable course = higher completion + more revenue.

VETtrak have identified that once students begin their studies there is a high ‘drop-out’ rate prior to completion. With the four mandatory census periods already in play this is going to have huge implications for RTOs that aren’t getting their students to complete their courses. Fixing this all begins with quality assurance.

There is a need for RTOs to deliver quality courses, however, there is a greater need for quality students who go on to finish their studies. Often students are pushed into courses without having a strong enough reason as to ‘why’ they’re studying what they are.


At a Glance: New Enrolment Quality Assurance

  • Suitable for: You. All RTOs can benefit from an independent assessment of enrolment prospects

  • Commitment required: At least 3 months, but depends on your enrolment volume

  • You’ll need to have: A clear picture of your ideal student

  • Key outcomes: Improved student risk profile. Higher completion rates

The VETtrak services team provide an independent verification process via a specialist call centre. This solution allows RTOs to either live transfer students, or provide lists of students wishing to enrol. We will take care of the rest!

At VETtrak we facilitate a conversation with the enrolling student to ensure that they understand all key pieces of information and are suitable based on their motivational alignment to the course, and intention to complete, ensuring quality control.

To assist with the development and training of your staff we make sure that all calls are recorded and accessible to demonstrate evidence of compliance. Once completed, we provide comprehensive reporting to help our providers identify trends and manage accordingly.

Increase your completion rate and student engagement

We can help verify the right students for the right course to ensure it’s a win-win for you and the student. Not to mention higher completion rates and happier students.

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