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New STELA Reports

24 May 2016

STELA have implemented new reports in their system that highlight errors to the submitter that were not previously available. STELA has an ‘8 hour rule’, which means a student cannot study for more than 8 hours in one day. They calculate this by taking the unit end date, minus the unit start date, plus one day and multiply by the 8 hours to calculate how many hours the RTO is saying they are delivering. The Actual Hours (reported Nominal Hours against the unit) cannot be more than that amount.

For example, putting in the same start and end date and reporting 50 hours will cause the error.  This is an attempt to make providers more responsible for the start and end date of the activity. Also note that the Actual Hours (nominal hours) cannot be zero for any outcome except 60 – Credit Transfer.  Even 51 – RPL has to have at least one hour.  These are the two errors that will appear on the Actual Hours Discrepancy Report.  The rule has been in force for about four years, but the report is new on STELA.