Rapid enrol (short course enrolments)

VETtrak short course enrolments

Managing short courses can be cumbersome. Between course costs, frequency and high intake volumes, reliance on manual administration is undesirable and can eat into the already thin margins. 
We understand, and that’s why we’ve developed our Rapid Enrol feature to support high-volume low-margin enrolments.

This streamlined VETenrol workflow enables a two-part registration process that focuses on quick student capture and automated flows for follow up data collection.

Enrol more students

Mobile-friendly enrolments

Enable students to choose and pay for their courses on the first contact on mobile or desktop! This plug-and-play solution improves your conversion rate from enquiry to enrolment. Give your prospective students the ability to choose the appropriate courses and times for their needs – all without your staff lifting a finger!


Multiple enrolments

Increase your sales

Give your students the freedom to enrol in multiple courses at a time, without needing to re-enter the same information. Our shopping cart functionality offers an ‘Online Shopping’ like experience and empowers your students to bundle courses at a click. Enjoy simplified enrolments, and more revenue per student! 

Easy follow-up

Better communication 

Post-enrolment, you may wish to collect additional information. Our 2-step process removes the friction from enrolments. Take payment and enrol your student, then our automated confirmation email directs students to complete any outstanding needs – USI, AVETMISS etc – all online!

Why use Rapid Enrol?

Rapid enrol drastically reduces the amount of administration required to complete a short course enrolment. By allowing the student to self-enrol with minimal information, it also increases their likelihood to enrol online unassisted.

The functionality is designed with low margin courses in mind. If your RTO offers 1-day, non-accredited courses, micro-credentials, RSA, First Aid, Barista, or other similar courses, this enrolment method ensures less admin time per enrolment.

1 Online student enrolment

Students are directed to your website to choose from a list of available courses, all collated from your available courses listed in VETtrak.

The branded experience ensures students feel like they’re enrolling all from within your website.


down arrow

2 Post-enrolment information gathering

Your RTO can request additional supporting information as needed via a link in the confirmation email. This enables your students to complete the request online.

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