Moodle LMS Integration

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Why settle for second best? We’ve integrated with the #1 free LMS to ensure VETtrak users get the best of both worlds: class-leading compliance reporting and the world’s most popular LMS. Get the confidence of working with #1 and enjoy instant results. Ask about our two-way integration with Moodle LMS.

World’s #1 Free LMS

Access world’s most-used LMS

Moodle is the world’s most popular LMS. It’s open source, customisable design is backed with deep learning analytics and a global user base. This ensures your RTO can adapt learning within Moodle to suit your needs. Further, it’s analytics enable you to predict completions and support at risk students.

Number 1 in RTO

Australia’s most trusted SMS

VETtrak is the most used Student Management System in Australia. Period. RTOs have trusted us for over 20 years to manage their compliance, reporting, and student data. We partner with best-in-breed systems to extend our capabilities and ensure our customers get deep expertise in every facet of their RTO experience.

Best of both worlds

Class leading software

Reduce the admin burden of your RTOs student management and get instant results. Connect these two best-in-breed systems for the ultimate full featured student and admin experience. Push student info from VETtrak to Moodle LMS, and pull student results back into VETtrak automagically. It’s that simple. Why settle for second best?

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