International Student Management

Manage students from enquiry to enrolment

We know pre-enrolment can prove a challenge, particularly when managing International Students. RTOs need a simple way to communicate with, collect documents from, and coordinate a response to agents that aids compliance, and ensures security. 

VETtrak’s solution is our new work item manager: VETembark. This lightweight solution acts as an unobtrusive platform that consolidates your RTOs response, without impacting your valuable agent relationships. 

Centralised communication

Single source of truth

Centralise your pre-enrolment communications. Simply provide an updated email to your external stakeholders, and VETembark will do the rest. Send and receive emails, delegate tasks across the team, and assign status against each task, all within the platform.

Collates documentation

All your pre-enrolment documents in one place

Make it easier for your agents and your staff. While some solutions require agents to learn a new system and use a seperate login, with VETembark they can simply email their data and documents across to you. As a work item manager, VETembark pulls in the content and attachments of these emails, enabling you to initiate and progress all your International pre-enrolments in the one place. 

Secure and compliant

Create a compliant audit trail 

Enjoy easy to verify audit trails by centralising your pre-enrolment activities in a single interface. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having attributable steps at each stage of your pre-enrolment process, all documentation and communications captured in an ISO certified ecosystem, that secures your personally identifiable information.

Why use VETembark for International Students?

VETembark takes the technology used in tier one companies, and simplifies it for the immediate needs of RTOs.

This work item manager reduces the need to manage pre-enrolment across multiple tools, inboxes, and spreadsheets, radically simplifying processing, and making your student’s data more secure.

Best of all, it is available for a free 30-day trial – simpler pre-enrolment starts now, with VETembark.

1 Provide agents with a new email

Simply supply your external agents and stakeholders with an updated destination email. 

Any emails sent to the supplied email will be received and ingested by VETembark and marked as “unassigned” work items. 


2 Communicate and collate from VETembark

All received documents and communications are stored inside VETembark. If your staff identify a need for additional information, or simply want to send a confirmation of receipt, they can both send and receive from the platform itself.

All the documents received will be stored within this ISO 270001 certified ecosystem, so your students’ personally identifiable information (PII) is secure.

3 Manage pre-enrolment tasks

With all your pre-enrolment documents and communications within VETembark, you can now manage the related tasks within your team.

Assign statuses, delegate tasks to colleagues, and send emails – all within VETembark.

Manage every task from application to enrolment within one lightweight work item management tool: VETembark.


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