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Three great phrases to help you during the interview process

15 February 2016

The interview process can be an intimidating, daunting, exhausting experience for all involved, especially the interviewee. Applying for the job you really want or in some cases need is an exciting time, particularly when you actually land that interview… However, then come the nerves.

The interview duration will sometimes only be half an hour to an hour long, for the interviewee though, it can seem like hours upon hours of questions that can sometimes get you a bit like “Eh?” (We have all been there at some point). The fear of “Have I answered that correctly?” is all that’s crossing your mind during the interview.

And, of course the interviewer has perfected the dry, emotionless, poker face during the entire interview, to ensure we do not pick up on any of their thoughts. Yes, that makes it all the more nerve-wracking.

So, here are some phrases that will usually get the interviewer to sit up, listen and pay attention in a positive way to your interview:

  1. “I actually was researching some more information on that earlier” 

When you are thrown off your game with a question, that you know you don’t really know how to answer successfully, try to show that you are willing to improve on that. As opposed to “I don’t know”, which will always appear as a negative, try “I actually wanted to ask you about that, and how the company uses that service” (for example). Being able to show you have either tried to gain more information on that particular topic or aspect of the company, or that you have put enough thought into the available position at this company, will show your commitment and professionalism, rather than highlighting that you really don’t have an answer to that question.

  1. “I am really excited about that”

If the applicant pool has been cut down to two applicants (you and someone else), you can assume the interviewer is now trying to determine what is the difference between the two of you and who is going to be the biggest asset to the company.

By this stage of the recruitment process, both applicants will presumably have very similar training and education backgrounds and relevant experience and knowledge, so what is going to be the deciding factor between the two of you?

Attitude! An employer is going to want to see who is more passionate, dedicated and committed to role on offer and the company. Using phrases that demonstrate your enthusiasm and excitement for the role will provide the interviewer with confidence that you are eager to learn, adapt and excel at the company and in that role, setting you aside from your competition, allowing you to land the job!

  1. “I have found that to be very successful in the past”

Interviewers want to know that the person they choose to employ is going to be able to reach goals and expectations, successfully for the company. Obviously, stating you have had success is just a line, however if you can back this statement up with an analogy of an experience you have had where you have been successful in your employment, will provide the interviewer with confidence in your abilities.

These phrases, are just phrases, and they can’t land you the job, however they will gain the interviewers’ attention and focus, in a positive way. Partnered with great explanations and relevant information and these three phrases will definitely be able to separate you from your competition and assist in your success during the dreaded interview process.