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Software Development Update

15 February 2016

 The VETtrak software development team has been busy already this year. We’ve been working hard on a number of products that are already released or about to be released:

VETtrak version which is a major update from 4.4.4.x.

  • The significant new features and improvements are:
  • Victorian AVETMISS Reporting Requirements for 2016
  • Victorian Foundation Skills Assessment Reporting
  • VET FEE-HELP Enhancements
  • Custom Fields
  • VETenrol with newly developed CRM functionality.

VETtrak Trainer and Student Portals v2.0.

  • These portals now have the ability to add and distribute documents and files, and also includes the ability to record Task statuses and view Task activity. The portals also have enhancements in performance, look and usability.
  • VETtrak Business Intelligence (BI) version 2. This improved version add many new measures and dimensions including VET FEE-HELP.

2016, only just over a month old, has so much to look forward for VETtrak. Here is a look at some of the other projects that we’ve got planned throughout the year:

  • An integration with Ezidebit. Ezidebit is a payment plan system that allows a training organisation to set up a payment plan for a student and the integration will allow for payments to be recorded automatically in VETtrak.
  • Enhanced functionality for VETtrak to be used as a LMS. This will be a phased process where we will first develop an integration with the Moodle LMS, following that will be a VETtrak LMS.
  • Further VET FEE-HELP enhancements including the ability to price for Units of Study.
  • A management and administration reporting portal where a number of standard charts and reports will be made available through a web interface.
  • Continuing to improve VETtrak based on customer suggestions and requests. 

The development team is looking forward to an exciting year ahead….