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VETtrak version 4.4.6 is out

1 April 2016

The VETtrak software development team are proud to announce the following developments:

VETtrak version 4.4.6 which is a major update from 4.4.5.

The significant new features and improvements are:

  • An Ezidebit integration for creating payment plans for students and to retrieve and record payments made to Ezidebit by the student
  • Enhanced VET FEE-HELP features, specifically in the ability to price and invoice for Units of Study.
  • The ability to record Jobactive providers for students along with their Jobactive consultant and site manager.
  • A Moodle LMS Authentication Integration to allow Moodle LMS users to be able to select students from a list of VETtrak students and enrol them in a course. Students then log into Moodle with their VETtrak username and password.
  • Over 100 individual user interface enhancements and bug fixes!


VETtrak Trainer and Student Portals v2.1.

  • These portals now have the ability to add and distribute documents and files, and also includes the ability to record Task statuses and view Task activity. You can now distribute a set of files and documents against Tasks and Units to make them available automatically to all students with enrolments in them through the Student Portal.

A preview of some of the other projects that we’ve currently got in development:

  • The development of a User Reporting feature in VETtrak. This will allow VETtrak users to build and run a custom query, select students from the resulting list, and apply actions to them. The actions will include email, SMS, running a report, exporting to common file formats like CSV and Excel or adding to a group and combinations of these actions.
  • The development of an integration with Go1 LMS to allow for seamless transfer of information between VETtrak and the Go1 LMS.
  • Improvements to our range of portal products.
  • Continuing to improve VETtrak based on customer suggestions and requests.
  • and many more to come…

For a full list of the new features of version 4.4.6 of VETtrak please see the VETtrak 4.4.6 Release Notes